Christ Life Series

The ChristLife experience is split into three distinct 7-week series, each focusing on key issues of faith development and understanding. The first series, Discovering Christ (more information found below), focuses on understanding the person of Jesus Christ and discovering the importance of his Resurrection. The second series, Following Christ, is concerned with the development of daily tools and practices that you can use to develop your faith and grow in the understanding of Christ as established in the first series. The third and final series,  Sharing Christ, is all about empowering you to go out into the world and share your experience of Christ with others, all while building your unique skills and talents and focusing them on a Christ-centered way of life.

Christ Life is a life-affirming program that calls all people, Catholic and non-Catholic, cradle Catholic or newly confirmed, the fallen-away Catholic or the very active practicing Catholic,  young or old and everything in-between to explore the meaning of life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.    


What past St. Bernard participants have to say about Discovering Christ:

“Great shot in the arm of spirituality”—Joyce E.
“... (the)  best Lenten experience I have had.  It made me realize that we can’t grow as a person to overcome our faults without Christ and people of faith.”—John A.
"I came in looking for the courage to “do” and left with the desire to “give.” It’ gelled for me at the retreat.” - Charlie H.



Discovering Christ – Step One:

The first step in the series, Discovering Christ, is a 7-part experience where people come together to explore the relevance of Jesus in their lives and develop a deeper relationship with Him. People of all backgrounds and levels of faith are welcome to attend. Discovering Christ and the entire Christ Life series will be a time when family and friends come together to revitalize their faith as well as share their faith and explore the deeper meaning of life. 

We’ve all got questions, let’s explore the answersDiscovering Christ consists of seven sessions and a retreat day. The weekly sessions include four components: a meal, prayer time, a video presentation, and small group discussion. 

Meal:  The meal is a time to grow together socially and is a time to foster relationships and grow in friendship with others in attendance.

Prayer:  The prayer time consists of reading a simple prayer or singing together a couple of songs that help the group become comfortable praying together.  

Video: Presentation: The video sessions proclaim, with beauty and simplicity, the core Gospel message, and invite participants to examine some basic concepts of life and faith.  Each teaching builds upon the one before it, however, each is independent and will stand on its own (so, no worries if you have to miss a week)

Small Group Discussion:  Small groups are safe places to freely discuss what was heard in the presentation

Stay tuned for when Discovering Christ will be offered again.


Following Christ – Step Two:

A seven-week journey that explores and encourages Catholic discipleship.g273g51qzt25llcptxom5ld7bhl.jpg

Following Christ helps all Catholics and those who have completed Discovering Christ to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not required that you have attended the Discovering Christ series to attend this series, but it is recommended.

We will accomplish this goal through the grace of God by praying together, teaching, and supporting one another in some of the basic disciplines and truths practiced by Christians since the early Church.

Following Christ consists of seven sessions and a retreat day. The weekly sessions include four components: prayer time, a video teaching, small group discussion, and fellowship.

 Stay tuned for the next offering of Following Christ!


Sharing Christ – Step Three

A seven-week mission that trains Catholics to share Jesus Christ with others and invite them to be part of the Church. Join us on Mondays, Oct. 9 - Nov. 20, 2017 in the checkerboard room. 

Sharing Christ consists of seven sessions. The weekly sessions include four components: prayer time, a video teaching, small group discussion, and fellowship