Bible in a Year

Make a New Kind of  New Year's Resolution for 2022!

Read the Whole Bible in a Year!


Why Read The Bible?

The Bible is our Heritage - it tells us of our relationship with God from the "Beginning", of our relationship with Jesus and of our relationship with the Catholic Church which He founded. We need to know our Heritage.


How Should I Start to Read The Bible?

  Well, you could pick up your Bible and read it from page one to the last page and many people have done just that. But "experts" advise a lot of preparation before and a lot of reading of additional sources while you are  reading the Bible this way in order to get the most benefit from it. The "internet" has everything you need and, as  you might suspect, so much so that it isn't easy to narrow it down to the appropriate information for you  personally. 

  Or, you could use what author Jeff Cavins and Fr. Mike Schmitz have created. Specifically "The Bible in a Year" podcast (free) and the "Bible Timeline Chart" ($4.95 - optional).    

Here is an example of a podcast All you have to do is listen to the daily podcasts while you follow along with the Chart and you will have listened to the entire Bible in 365 podcasts. If you follow along in your Bible during each podcast, you will have read the entire Bible in a year


What Do I Need To Get Started?

Register with AscensionPress.Com to get reminders and encouragment. (optional)

Obtain a list of the 365 readings. You can download your own copy here. 

Obtain a "Bible Timeline Chart" from AscensionPress.Com (optional)

Choose the best way for you to listen to the podcasts.

Make sure you have a Catholic Bible. (Why?  Click here to find out more!)   Fr. Mike uses the Revised Standard Version - Second Catholic Edition (RSV-2CE) that he reads from. The specific Bible he uses is called  "The Great Adventure Catholic Bible" ($60 bound, $40 paperback) from Ascension Press. That particular Bible contains all the notes from the Chart but  you do not have  to use that Bible - you may use any Catholic Bible. 

Where Does This Take Place and How Much Time Will This take?

Read your bible and listen to the podcasts from the comfort of your own home   You can listen anytime and anyplace.  You just need an internet enabled device to access the podcast!

  And, if you choose, you can be a part of a Community to travel this journey. There will be regular monthly meetings during 2022 for sharing and encouragement.   The first one will be January 16, 2022 in the checkerboard room following the 8:30 am Mass.  (approx. 9:30 or 9:45 am) Be sure to check out the bulletin for the next scheduled date. 

The Podcasts are between 18 and 30 minutes long, including Fr. Mike's commentary, and there are 365 of them.   All 365 days are available online already, so you can set your own pace.   We as the St. Bernard community will  be pledging to start Day 1 of the Podcast on January 1, 2022.   However, you do not have to worry if you miss a day, you can always make up missed days and even read/listen ahead if you desire.   


Are you ready to get started?  I know I am!

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Bible in a Year


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