Facilities/Groudskeeping Management

Maintenance Request Form

GRASS CUTTERS  Help is needed to keep our lawns in shape. Work is scheduled through spring, summer, and fall.Contact: Larry Abell 239-5178 x 118

LANDSCAPERS  Assists with landscape beautification, planting flowers and trimming bushes. "Green Thumbs” who are willing workers are needed.  We welcome youth volunteers accompanied by their parents.  Work is scheduled as part of school maintenance days.  Contact: Jim Hulsmeyer

LOW-BUDGET CONSTRUCTION  The Low-Budget Construction teams are generally retired persons who undertake anytime maintenance repairs and small construction projects on the St. Bernard campus.  Help needed:  people who want to have fun while being handy.  Contact: Larry Abell

PHYSICAL PLANT REPAIR  Provides assistance in the maintenance and repair of the physical plant facilities on the St. Bernard campus.  Performs renovations and new construction projects that fit within the capabilities of the volunteers.  Help needed with Carpentry, Electrical, Glazing, Masonry, Painting and Plumbing. Contact:  Larry Abell