Preschool Goals

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Developmental Goals 

Social Interaction Successful break from home  *  Self-expression  *  Familiarity with the group setting  *  Positive self-image  Follow directions  *  Make good choices  *  Eye/hand coordination Small/large muscle coordination  *  Communication skills  *  Greater self-control  *  Courteous behavior  *  Good grooming habits Self-help skills  *  Music and exercise  *  Increase attention span



Recognizing and associating numbers  *  Math counting Math patterns Shapes and colors  Opposites  *  Match, sort and sequence  *  Similar and different  *  Left and right  *  Recognize and print name  *  Recognize and print letters  *  Letter sounds  *  Pre-reading skills  *  Phonological awareness  *  Language development  *  Comprehension  *  Calendar, weather and seasons  *  Home address, phone number and birthday  *  Cutting, pasting and gluing  *  Creative art activities  *  Science exploration



God is our Creator God loves all people  *  God wants us to live and act more like Jesus  *  Jesus has many helpers, including us  *  Jesus teaches us to love one another  *  We take care of God’s world We belong to a church family  *  The Bible is a special book  *  We learn our prayers