Preschool Program

At St. Bernard preschool, children make friends, learn communication skills, follow directions, transition from activity to activity, learn a lot and most of all, play and have a great time. Preschool is a wonderful step forward for three- and four-year-olds before entering the kindergarten program. If you have any questions regarding St. Bernard full or part-time preschool programs, please call Donna Bruno at (502) 239-5178 ext. 2402 or email her at [email protected]


Center-Based Learning

Children learn best when they are actively engaged. Our learning centers encourage independence, self-discovery, and teacher one-on-one time. The centers constantly change and focus on specific areas of study throughout the year. They give the children an opportunity to develop in an environment that is based upon their unique development and learning styles.

For more information see our Preschool Handbook (Updated handbook coming soon!)

For tuition rates:  Tuition


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