Shopping Rewards Programs

1kqgsnbnixqzvr56v708r6g5rsl.jpgKroger Community Rewards – Link your Kroger Plus Card to St. Bernard account #10159, and present your Card when you check out.  To link your card, follow the included instructions.  If you don’t have a Kroger Plus Card they are available at Customer Service.  Ask your friends & family to do the same!  Save your receipts and turn in for spirit passes. Kroger Community Rewards

Meijer Community Rewards Card – You can earn cash for St. Bernard by receiving and using the community card with every cash, debit, or Meijer credit card purchase. And as always, send in those receipts for passes!

Aunt Millie's School Spirit Program – Save the proof-of-purchase symbols (UPCs) with the School Spirit symbol from eligible products. For a list of eligible products, click here.

Tyson A+ Labels – Labels can now be sent in from boxes or bags of Tyson products We will give a purple pass for every 10 labels submitted. We earn $0.24 for each label. Please contact Michelle Faust with questions.

aovjq8u4oerp1hin0fmi6kmxrxl.pngBox Tops for Education – Box Tops for Education are found on many every day products from biscuits to Kleenex. Simply clip (please trim to size) and send in with your child. Collection sheets, a complete list of participating products and updates on how much money the school has earned can be found on the Box Tops for Education website.

Pull Tabs – As you save your aluminum cans for recycling, pop off the pull tabs and save them. Once you fill a container (a milk jug works great) send them in. They are used to support the Ronald McDonald house.

Contact:  [email protected]