Small Faith Communities/Scripture Study Groups



What do Bible Study and Faith Sharing Groups do?

Bible study and faith sharing groups are made up of approximately 8 - 12 adults who regularly gather in each other's homes or onsite at St. Bernard to: Learn Together, Pray Together and Grow Together.  Each group is led by a facilitator and resources for study are chosen by the participants and may include Scripture Study, articles, books and/or videos.

There is an open and ongoing Sunday  Morning Bible Discussion group that meets each Sunday between the 8:30 and 11:00 AM Masses (approx. 9:45 - 10:45) in the All Saints Room (Annex building). All are welcome to come anytime you are able. 

New groups are always welcome and encouraged to form.  For assistance with resources and studies to use contact Cyndi in the parish office.


When do groups meet?

Groups meet based on the days and times that work best for the group.

 How often do groups meet?

Some groups meet weekly for scripture study, some groups meet only seasonally (advent and lent) and others vary their times based on their group needs and interests.  

 Who can join a small faith community or scripture study group?

Some of our current groups do have room for additional people, some have closed their groups due to meeting space constraints. If you are interested in joining a group you can Cyndi in the parish office to see what groups have space or consider starting your own group.   

 Is there any cost?

Typically, no. Groups sometimes use materials already available from the parish or they will provide their own materials. If there is a special request for a resource, there may be a cost involved per person to offset the cost of those materials.

 Can I form my own group?

YES!  We invite you to gather a few of your friends and begin your own study or faith sharing group.