Purpose of the Koinonia Movement:

Koinonia is a Greek word that means fellowship, communion, or participation. St. Paul uses the term to designate the vital union of the faithful that arises from their union with Christ. The purpose of the Koinonia movement is to provide the opportunity for adults to:

  • Encounter Jesus Christ through an experience of Christian Community;
  • Share the Gospel message, particularly that of Christ’s life, death and resurrection, so that each person may respond to the unique invitation of Christ to join with  Him in deeper union or communion;
  • To form Christian Community as part of daily life.

How Koinonia Works:

A Koinonia retreat is led by a Lay Director and is presented by a team of lay people who have participated in a Koinonia Retreat or a Teens Encounter Christ Retreat, along with a priest and a layperson prepared in ministry and spiritual formation who serve as Spiritual Directors, all of whom have gone through some weeks of preparation and formation for this particular retreat. The retreat lasts from 5:00 pm Friday through Sunday afternoon. Participants return to their own homes each night.  The dress is casual.   The retreat focuses on the Paschal Mystery – the passion, death, and resurrection – of Jesus and its meaning in each person’s life.

The weekend allows each person to hear Christ’s call and to experience a spiritual shifting or renewal or change in his/her life. It also offers the challenge and support to live each day according to God’s will. The weekend consists of talks, discussions, liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations and experiences of hope, faith and community. After the retreat, opportunities for further community experiences are provided. Although each weekend follows the same structure, each one is unique because of the personalities and experience of those present.

Who is Koinonia for?

ALL ADULTS, (21-90+), young and old and all in between: women and men;  single, married, divorced, widowed, priests, religious... all  are invited. The weekend is Catholic in its expression (the Catholic Mass is celebrated); however, participants of all Christian denominations are always welcome. Koinonia strives to unify the parish community.


 The next Koinonia Weekend will be announced soon.