Youth Ministry


Junior High Youth Ministry (Grades 6-8)

Does this conversation sound familiar:
Student:  “Hey Mom & Dad can I go to the mall and hang out  with my friends?”
Parents:  “No, we don’t feel comfortable just dropping you off there.”
Student:  “Gosh, there’s never anything to do!”

St. Bernard Youth Ministry is the answer to the "never anything to do" blues!


We're glad you are interested in becoming a part of our wonderful group! Our mission is to use what we learn in religion/faith formation class and be Christ to others in our daily actions and lives. We are a safe place where you can participate, interact, grow, and experience God through friendship and love.   LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS

We will have activities and drop-ins several times a month, sometimes at St. Bernard in the Youth Center or sometimes elsewhere.  

If you would like to be notified when events and meetings are planned just email Carly at [email protected]


Are you ready to get started?  All you need to know is this:


  • Be ready for some fun!
  • Bring a positive attitude
  • Be respectful
  • ALWAYS be kind
  • Come with an open mind for new experiences
  • Prepare to make new friends


  • Be afraid to ask questions 
  • Feel like you have to make every activity - simply come to as many as you want!
  • Come in thinking we’re just going to read the Bible - instead we’re going to focus on living our best life through God’s message